Halide iOS Camera App – Shoot like a pro!!

Halide iOS Camera App

The ex-Apple designer Sebastiaan de With and former engineer of Twitter Benjamin Sandofsky just dropped a premium iOS Camera App to the App Store – Halide, and it’s awesome.
Halide iOS Camera App is a beautiful camera app with gesture-based pro controls.

The dictionary meaning of Halide is

a binary compound of a halogen with another element or group.

Furthermore, the lovely app uses the pro gesture controls to control focus, exposure, shutter speed, white balance and ISO.

Halide iOS Camera App

The best thing about the camera app is that you don’t have to probe into the app just to know what Exposure Compensation means or adjust ISO or shutter speed. You just have to swipe left or right to adjust the photo’s exposure.

Halide iOS camera app gives you a tactile, intuitive, yet powerful way to take beautiful photos.

The minimum requirement to run Halide on your iPhone needs iPhone 5 or higher versions on iOS 10. The iPhone 6 and upper version even supports live Histogram developed by Halide.

According to the app’s official website,

Smartphones feature excellent camera sensors, but the experience of taking photos is still far less pleasant than using a physical camera. Halide gives you a tactile, intuitive, yet powerful way to take beautiful photos.

Other kicky features of Halide are:

  • RAW + JPG capture,
  • 3D Touch to preview the last photo taken,
  • Super handy level tool,
  • 3*3 grid,
  • Focus peaking,
  • Smart Auto,
  • Quick EV, and
  • Histogram.
Price: $2.99