Top 5 Best Android Apps For Reading Magazines (Updated 2018)

Best Android Apps For Reading Magazines

What is one of the benefits you experience using the Android phones and tablets? Yes, that’s reading and watching your favorite contents in the portrait mode. You need the best Android apps for reading magazines. Now you can effortlessly view the digital copies of the newspapers and magazines with few clicks and swipes.

Convenience is an important comfort as you don’t have to carry all those hefty and purposeless monthly magazines issues with you wherever you go. Besides, it’s far ease of use to have them delivered on time at the right place.

We have chosen the reliable and the best Android apps for reading magazines and also newspapers, especially, on tablets. Many of them look sumptuous on largely screened Android gadgets.

Here are the top 5 best Android apps for reading magazines and journals that fit your wallet.

Top 5 Best Android Apps For Reading Magazines And Newspapers

#1 – Google Play Newsstand

Google Play Newsstand could be your perfect stop for headlines and current stories around the world.  You can explore contents according to your interest and requirements from entertainment, food & drink, health & fitness, home & garden, news & politics, science and technology, and sport as well.

Google Play Newsstand Google Play Newsstand

You can buy the issues for once or sign up for subscription depending upon your inquisitiveness.  Also, you can add your favorite topics and categories to the library so that you can access it anytime you select to read.

#2 – Zinio

Integration of magazines, newspaper, and blogs in one place may not be the ultimate choice for every person. That is why if you are a person solely dedicated to magazines, Zinio is the one for you available in Google Play Store.

Zinio Zinio

The interface and is clean and the categories you search for are divided into grids. Therefore, this makes straightforward to search and read the digital content.  You can subscribe Zinio annually or buy the single issues. Zinio is available for Android, iOS, Mac and PC.

Rolling Stone, Maxim, PC World, Wired, Vogue, Elle, Esquire are some of the popular magazines that you can find.

#3 – Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is an amazing android app where you can access to the books, magazines, newspapers on the tablet or smartphones.  So no need for buying Kindle Fire if you can access all these components at one place.

Amazon Kindle Amazon Kindle

This free app easily syncs with your account and helps to gain access to the titles such as The Guardian, The Economist, The Daily Mail and much more. Kindle Magazines are free for the first 30 days subscriptions. Kindle is a cross-platform application and is available for desktops too.

#4 – Barnes & Noble Nook

Similar to the Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble NOOK syncs with your devices across tablets,  web and NOOK devices.  Then you can try out the newspapers and magazines for 14 days as a trial period. Further, you can enjoy comics books, graphic novels, science fiction, and non-fiction books, etc.

Further, you can enjoy comics books, graphic novels, science fiction, and non-fiction books, etc. You can find the monthly as well as the yearly subscriptions. We are pretty sure that you will find Barnes & Noble cool with the digital version.

#5 – Scribd

Scribd is the best way anyone can dive deep into the topic and also find the best books, audiobooks, news, magazines, music and more. Sync Scribd across all of your devices and enjoy the titles anytime without an internet connection.

Scribd Scribd

Scribd allows you to read the contents for 30 days as an evaluation period. You can find TechCrunch, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and much more.


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Pocket Newsstand



What do you think which app among above on your Android device fascinates and fits the most? Share your best Android popular apps for reading magazines and titles together. For this, comment below.